Bishop Kelvin L. Grier, Sr. Oct. 2, 2005
Over 60 years.....
Much service through blood, sweat, and tears
THEE MIGHTY PI IOTA is tried & true
She has stood the test of time like an old oak tree with miles of roots
14 came without delay
to give birth that faithful October Day
At the home or Dr. R.R. Williams the brothers met
to give Tampa a phenomenon they hadn't witnessed yet
Real Omega Men tried & true
Living nobly as all real men do
they were one of the first in Florida to conquer this feat
they were to do more than just meet
1946 the year so bold
Tampa would see the men of the Royal & the Old
The brothers worked their fingers to the bone to ensure success
through their sacrifice we are truly blessed
When we kiss this world goodbye
and meet the Supreme Basileus in the sky
He'll know a familiar face is nigh
for we served Him through THEE MIGHTY PI I !