During the late nineteen thirties and forties, men of Omega believed in the tenets of the Fraternity and dreamed of establishing a graduate chapter in the Tampa Bay area. The prime mover towards this objective was a young gynecologist, the late Dr. R. R. Williams, Jr. On a balmy October evening in 1946, a first formal get-together at the home of Dr. R.R. Williams was held. Those meeting with J.T. Brooks of Alabama State College and the district representative of the seventh district of the fraternity were: Brothers Gant T. Brison, John Henry Evans, James T. Hargrett Sr., Dr. Allen Lester, Lucious Mills, Garland V. Stewart, and Dr. R. Reche Williams. Thus Pi Iota chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity was organized.

G.V. Stewart, District Representative J.T. Brooks, Basileus Dr. R. Reche Williams Jr., G.B. Brinson.

Wilson A. Lester, Hubert Dabney, J.H. Evans, Council Dixon, J.T. Hargrett, Perman Williams.

Allen Lester, Dr. James L. Green, Howard F. Harris Sr., E.H. McLin, J.R. Jackson.


(1947-CHARTER LINE 4/7/1947)
David Geathers
L.A. Dominis
Harold E. Robinson

Walter Beard

Edwin G. Artest
John H. Webb

Jamer Green Jr.

Carlton S. Thompson
James S. Hammond
Robert Saunders

Lanier Booker

Robert Scott Sr.

Frank W. Peterman
Delano Stewart
David Smith

Harry F. Taliferro
P.W. Williams

Rudolph Arnao
Joe W. Hester

William Bush
Otis Padgett Sr.
James Gatlin

Edward Hills

Leroy Twiggs
Hubert L. Brantley

James Hargrett
Clarence D. Stege

Arnold W. Dubose

Frank Stewart
Otis Williams

Carl E. Crowell
Cary H. Jones
Kelly Williams

Nelson J. Brown
Eddie Faulk
George C. Moton
Darnell Reaves

Willie Robinson

Ernest Adams
Charles H. Polk
John Robinson
William Thornton

Carl B. Reaves

Frank Reddick

Charles Hearns
Randolph Kinsey
Lee Reddick
Robert Scott Jr.
Wesley Tice
Alton White

Eugene Boglin
Willie Evans
Robert Fisher
George Wilds

Thomas Stringer

Jeffrey Fagan
Oscar Folks Jr.
Thomas Robinson
Kenneth Scott

Stephen Jackson
Byron Scott
Andrew Tarver
Milton Watson
Clarence Wilson Jr.

Frank Amaro
Marvin Bell
Michael Gadson
Alex Kincy
Bringler Tims

Jeffrey Fleming
Cozy Bailey
George Brown
Darryl Johnson

Reginald Coachman
Kelvin Dell
Alec Hall
Lawrence Rollins Jr.
Phillip Saunders
Michael Anthony

Boris Goins

Robert Allen
Nathaniel Campbell
Girardeau Henderson II
Charles Jackson III
Ted Sparks Jr.
Michael Wilson
Chad Wilson
Cornell Boyd

Caasius Crawford
William Swain
Doug Sanders
Albert Lee
James Hargrett III
Eric Blanc
Ron Cherry

Samuel Davis
Timothy Grice
Steven J. Norris
Jeanmarie Vixamar
Samuel Walton

Darren Gambrell
Duane Green
Kenneth Johnson
James Kirkland
Darrell Peterson
Walter Smith II

Andrey Bannerman
Lance Baptiste, Sr.
Scott Black
Corris Bullock
Solomon Burgess
Hashim Carroll
Ronald Cineas
Alphonso Cromartie, Jr.

Herman Floyd
Karl Folabit
Marlow Graham
Frank Jones
Rodney Jones
Joel Musgray
Kenneth Stephens
Gregory Thompson

Keith Daniels
Greg Edwards
Kendall Lockley
Willie Lynum Jr.
Tavaris Thompson
Elvin Price
Moses Allen IV
Curtis Brown

Jarvis Butler
King-James Jennings
Chris Jones
Antwan Lambert
Marquette Montgomery
Michael Sneed Jr.
Fred Tomlin Jr.

(2005) Eight QUEsaders
Bishop Kelvin Grier Sr.
Gary Norman II
Demond Bush
Kevin Holmes
Amos Similton
Rocky Ratliff
William L. Mundy
McRae Magnum Jr.

Robert Scott III
Joel Germain Jr.
Huntley Manhertz Jr.
Clemmon Hodges
Alphonso Valdez Jr.

Summer (2010)  5 Disciples of Destruction
Maurice Green
Carlos Dixon
Audric Smith
Robert Gresham IV
Jason Reekmans

Fall (2010)
Sean Allen

Antonio Thompson
Darrell Clark
Oscar Folks III
Jay Jackson
Ben Shirley
Christopher Codling
Morris Williams Jr.

Jimmy Close
Terrel Oglesby
Tedd Scott Jr.
Craig Henson
Chris Johnson
Stanley Gray
Michael Crenshaw
Tchecoy Blount Sr.
Cornelius Bobo
Jeffrey Bee
David Thompson
Ellery Moreland

Foster Scotland
Dwayne Mallory
Irvin Lee

(2018) 10 Pontificating Sons Forged in Fire
Anthony Coleman II
Correy McDuffie
Calvin Davis
Timothy Allen
Willie Washington
Kelvin Choice
Justin Goldsmith
Damian (Elisha) Lyles
Nicholas Cooper
Charles Bennett



1) Dr. R. Reche Williams Jr. 1946-55
2) Howard Harris, Sr. 1955-58
3) Leroy Twigg 1958-60
4) Atty. Harold Jackson, Sr. 1960-62
5) John H. Webb 1962-64
6) Otis Padgett 1964-65
7) Dr. James Green, Sr. 1965-67
8) Robert Scott, Sr. 1967-69
9) Walter Reed 1969-72
10) Kelly Williams 1972-73
11) Walter Beard 1973-75
12) Kelly Bolden 1975-76
13) James B. Green 1976-80
14) Ray Campbell 1980-82
15) James B. Green 1982-83
16) Vincent Strange 1983-85
17) Atty. George Butler 1985-87
18) Frank Reddick 1987-89
19) Judge Thomas Stringer, Sr. 1989-91
20) Frank Earl, Jr. 1991-93
21) Ray Campbell 1993-95
22) Morris Williams, Sr. 1995-97
23) Calvin Atkinson, Jr. 1997-99
24) Michael Dupree 1999-01
25) Alec Hall, Esq 2001-03
26) Eric Blanc 2003-05
27) Keith Smiley 2005-06
28) Michael Wilson 2006-07
29) Ronald Cherry 2007-09
30) Richard W. Stewart, Jr. 2009-10
31) Andre K. Flowers 2010
32) James Green, Jr. 2010-13
33) Carl Hayes 2013-16
34) Albert Lee 2016-2020
35) Al Sheriff 2020-Present

Bishop Kelvin L. Grier, Sr. Oct. 2, 2005
Over 60 years.....
Much service through blood, sweat, and tears
THEE MIGHTY PI IOTA is tried & true
She has stood the test of time like an old oak tree with miles of roots
14 came without delay
to give birth that faithful October Day
At the home or Dr. R.R. Williams the brothers met
to give Tampa a phenomenon they hadn't witnessed yet
Real Omega Men tried & true
Living nobly as all real men do
they were one of the first in Florida to conquer this feat
they were to do more than just meet
1946 the year so bold
Tampa would see the men of the Royal & the Old
The brothers worked their fingers to the bone to ensure success
through their sacrifice we are truly blessed
When we kiss this world goodbye
and meet the Supreme Basileus in the sky
He'll know a familiar face is nigh
for we served Him through THEE MIGHTY PI I !